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QuickBooks® keyboard shortcuts
Activity Key
To start QuickBooks without a company file Ctrl + double-click
To suppress the desktop windows (at Open Company window) Alt (while opening)
Display information about QuickBooks Ctrl + 1
Cancel Esc
Record (when black border is around OK, Next, or Previous button)
Record (always) Ctrl +
Selection Key
Next Day + (plus key)
Previous Day - (minus key)
Today T
First day of the Week W
Last day of the weeK K
First day of the Month M
Last day of the montH H
First day of the Year Y
Last Day of the yeaR R
Date Calendar Alt + down arrow
Action Key
Edit transaction selected in register Ctrl + E
Delete character to right of insertion point Del
Delete character to left of insertion point Backspace
Delete line from detail area Ctrl + Del
Insert line in detail area Ctrl + Ins
Cut selected characters Ctrl + X
Copy selected characters Ctrl + C
Paste cut or copied characters Ctrl + V
Increase check or other form number by one + (plus key)
Decrease check or other form number by one - (minus key)
Undo changes made in field Ctrl + Z
Action Key
Display Help in context F1
Select next option or topic Tab
Select previous option or topic Shift + Tab
Display selected topic
Close popup box Esc
Close Help window Esc
Activity Key
Account list, display Ctrl + A
Check, write Ctrl + W
Copy transaction in register Ctrl + O
Customer: job list, display Ctrl + J
Delete check, invoice, transaction, or item from list Ctrl + D
Edit lists or registers Ctrl +E
Quickfill and Recall (type first few letters of name and press Tab, name fills in abc Tab
Find transaction Ctrl + F
Go to register of transfer account Ctrl + G
Help in context, display F1
History of A/R or A/P transaction Ctrl + H
Invoice, create Ctrl + I
List (for current field), display Ctrl + L
Memorize transaction or report Ctrl + M
Memorized transaction list, display Ctrl + T
New invoice, bill, check, or list item Ctrl + N
Paste copied transaction in register Ctrl + V
Print Ctrl + P
QuickZoom on report
QuickReport on transaction or list item Ctrl + Q
Register, display Ctrl + R
Show list Ctrl + S
Use list item Ctrl + U
Transaction journal, display Ctrl + Y
Moving to Key
Next field Tab
Previous field Shift + Tab
Toggle between form and navigation bar Ctrl + 0 (zero)
Report column to the right Right arrow
Report column to the left Left arrow
Beginning of current field Home
End of current field End
Line below in detail area or on report Down arrow
Line above in detail area or on report Up arrow
Down one screen Page down
Up one screen Page up
Next word in field Ctrl + Right arrow
Previous word in field Ctrl + Left arrow
First item on list or previous month in register Ctrl + Page Up
Last item on list or next month in register Ctrl + Page Down
Close active window Esc or Ctrl + F4

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